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Event Name:Collaboration: Connecting Emergency Management with Cyber

Session One - Are you Ready for When?
Speaker -
Derek Bowers, Chief Information Technology Officer, Town of Wasaga Beach

Are you Ready for When?

You think you are ready because nothing has gotten through in the past, penetration testing was done with no known vulnerabilities but wait, that was yesterday...
Threat vectors and variables are constantly changing.  All it takes is one small change to the code and it is a new variable.  Like a human virus  (let's take COVID-19 for example) how many variables/variants have there been since this began?  The virus has mutated to different strains and so far we have been lucky and the vaccine currently in place is doing its job.  But how long until it mutates into a strain where we are no longer protected?  We will not see it coming, it will just happen.

Do you know how to "Ride the Storm" and keep your business running and customer service operational?  We will discover if you are ready for Whn and how to get there.

Session Two - Panel Discussion: Collaboration in Cyber & Emergency Management

Bryan Pollitt, Associate Partner, Cybersecurity, Ernst & Young
Description:  Combatting Cyber Attacks with a Collaborative Approach

Speaker: Vern Crowley, Detective Sergeant, Cybercrime Investigations Team, Ontario Provincial Police
Description:  Importance of Engaging Law Enforcement ASAP

Speaker: Kenrick Bagnall, Detective Constable 9470, Coordinated Cybercrime Centre (C3), Toronto Police Service 
Description:  Cybersecurity is not a Technology Issue, It Is a Human Condition That Will Force us to Work Collectively at the Pace of teh Adversary. Just to Stay in the Game

Speaker: Sarah Thompson, Senior Manager for Relief and Recovery, Canadian Red Cross
Description:  Integrating Subject Matter Expert Perscpetives into Risk Assessment and Response

Speaker: Nick Powers, IT Manager, City of Peterborough
Description:  Planning for a Future Cyber Incident

Date:  October 20, 2021

Time:  9:30 - 11:30
Platform:  via Zoom

Cost:  Free for Members, $25 for non members

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Event Date:20/10/2021 - 20/10/2021
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20/10/2021 - 20/10/2021
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